Yesterday in the early afternoon I received a call from the publishing company of my book: The Journey from Error to Heir. They wanted to know if I would like their assistance in promoting it? I have been wondering about this topic of late. I’ve had mixed feelings knowing that God seems to want me to write a new section called Living in Freedom. I’m not ready to do this as I feel as though I’m only beginning to step into this new reality. The odd thing is that later in the day when I had the TV on to watch the news there was an advertisement for publishing and promoting a book one has written. It is a christian publishing company. These could simply be coincidences but I need to wait for The Holy Spirit’s nudges in all of it.

The book I’m starting to read, The Spiritual Man, has some clarity I’ve been seeking in order to understand God’s Gift through His Son coming into my life–The Holy Spirit. Watchman Nee says if one is a believer we can recognize two elements of The Holy Spirit. One of these is the voice of conscience and the other is the teaching of intuition. He says there is also a communion which is our desire to worship God. These three are elements of our spirit given to us when we were created. These are what God uses to communicate with us and how we in turn thank God.

As I was journaling this morning regarding all of this, the old hymn, Trust and Obey came to mind. These two words are exactly what I know God is wanting me to respond to as I learn to live as a new creation. What a kind and tender-loving God we serve, yet Almighty and Powerful.

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