Have I ever mentioned I love Spring?! Well, just in case I’ve not done so, I am telling you today I do LOVE Spring! Yesterday was one of those days when time seemed to stop and every detail of spring work I wanted to get done was completed. On top of that, it was done with time to call my favorite sis and have a long talk with her. What could be finer!

As I concluded my devotional time yesterday morning and writing my daily blog entry, I finished the lesson for next Tuesday in Mending the Soul. The chapter’s title is Forgiveness. I think I’ve already written this. The lesson had participants defining where they are on a defined scale, working through the forgiveness process of those who have abused you. You were to then write out what this looks like today and what you’d want it to look like if its not complete. The defined scale I mention had a layer where the abused is able to see the abuser in their own humanness. I hated the humanness of my dad–I wanted him to be dad and to love me. Instead, I lived my entire life trying to be for him something I could never accomplish. In this processing I finally realized this was far more about my own humanness than it was my dads. I write this with new freedom today. It is amazing!

As our group meets this coming Tuesday we will likely finish the last of our lessons in this class. The following week we will wrap up and finish. Part of the finish will be to read a letter we wrote to ourselves the first week we met last fall. It contains what we hoped to glean from the class. I’m eager to read my own. I have all the sealed envelopes from our participants. It will be a nice time to celebrate our healing Father and His Team–Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit!

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