Yes, it is April Fools Day! However, the only real fool is the one who doesn’t recognize just how much Satan is trying to destroy our ability to see God the Father as the Loving Dad He is. This book, The Spiritual Man, is an amazing one allowing me to see just how much Satan wants to destroy my ability to know God and commune with Him, all the while, trusting Him and believing all the promises He tells me in His Word. I feel as though I am awakening to a world of promise which only God offers through turning our lives over to Him by accepting His Son Jesus as our Savior. I’ve had so many flaws in my beliefs and thinking which God’s Holy Spirit is now helping me see much more plainly.

The plight of man is not a pleasant one here on this earth when we leave God out of the equation. Man wants to conquer the evils of our times by our own ingenuity and strength, yet God tells us to surrender to Him and then to Trust Him. I know I’m preaching a little here, but these are truths I am now seeing and I have been one of the worst at trying to earn God’s favor in my own strength comparing it to man (dad) rather than believing what God tells me in His Word.

Trust has a new meaning for me today. I’m seeing it as the complete opposite of worry. As I see the plight of man (specifically the problems of my family, friends, loved ones) I will choose to trust rather than worry for each of them. I know God is the answer and I will obey God’s command to Trust Him (even praise Him for what He is doing and I can’t see) and then to obey Him by praying for these needs rather than worrying about them and trying to fix when I see a chance to do so, only causing further problems.

OK, my sermon is done and I’m ready for the day!

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