I don’t have to step very far into a day to see my “worry” being triggered. Today is no exception. I kept awakening in the night with problems of others on my mind an in my emotions. I use that time to pray (sometimes plead) but I never find peace until I am able to turn the worry into a package of trust I give to God. In so doing I also thank Him for the steps He is taking I cannot see. I can sure see why Christ tells us not to worry–it is all consuming and does ugly things to thinking and impacts my actions. Christ tells us it is a sin and I can easily see why.

Tonight we are having a monthly meeting for those who attended the LGBTQ 5-week class to address what the Bible says regarding this and how God would want His children to come along side this choice of living. Following the 5 week class the leader said she’d offer a monthly time for those interested to come together. It is the first Tuesday of each month. I had a grandmother call me last night. She and her daughter in law are coming for the first time. Their story is not so unlike many others and the helplessness is also very similar to others. I pray they will find the Light of Jesus as they come.

God is a wonderful God and the Only True God. Each morning as I get myself grounded with Him I feel ready for the day. Today I feel as though I may need additional grounding throughout the day. This is where Christ (The Holy Spirit) reminds me to TRUST HIM. I don’t want to step back into worry. So onward we go!

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