It is no surprise that this morning’s devotion was centered around God’s timing–his “due season” as scripture often defines it. In Galatians 6:9 it tells us to not get weary in waiting, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. My role is to pray and to trust. This is what I will do and then take action if God provides Light on a place where I sense His Spirit’s nudge.

Last night the group I’m leading, Mending the Soul, finished chapter 10. This is a celebration! We will meet one last time next week to do a reflection piece and then read the letters we wrote to ourselves last fall when we were starting. These letters were written by each of us to ourselves telling what we hoped we glean, learn, discover, as we walked through the class. It will be most interesting to reread this and see just what God has done. I do know that for myself at this point I’m far more able to see myself as “the new creation” God promised when we accepted His Son Jesus into our lives. This concept was just too much until I had to face some things the class brought out I had still been in denial to. I’ve always wanted whatever I did to annihilate the past from me and give me an entirely different mind picture of who I am, etc. God, on the other hand, has wanted me to see my past in the mind picture I have but without the grips of shame. This is a huge miracle for me from the class for now this is true.

Today I see God so much differently than I ever have before. He truly is the loving God I could see Him being for others. However, now I know Him as this loving God for me too. How grateful I am for Him, His Son Jesus and the tremendous Gift–The Holy Spirit!

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