God has been abundantly working of late. It seems wrong to write this because I know God is always at work. A better way of putting this is that I’m much more awake to God’s working in some specific areas. As I last wrote, our group finished the Mending the Soul class and will meet one more time to do a reflection survey and read the letters we wrote last Fall when we started the journey of the class.

Last night was chip night for our Celebrate Recovery group. We do this the first Thursday night of each month. We end each one with the opportunity for people to take a first day chip if they are launching a new recovery step. For months I’ve been wanting to go forward and take a “day one” chip for “living as a new creation”. I’ve not done it because I just couldn’t develop in my mind what the tangible pieces of this would look like. Yes, there would be things like no fleeing to porn when tempted (the addictions of life), but I knew that wasn’t the root for me. In completing Mending the Soul, it all came together. The tangible items are more about replacing the lies about who I am and who dad was, mom was, my brother was. Each one of them were humans who struggled with their own lives. I was a product of mom and dad, and a brother to the one. Their struggles for me were in the realms of abuse. My struggle was what I’d grown to believe about myself due to the abuse. Today, I am equipped to deal with these struggles and call them as such. They are no longer my identity. So, these tangible items are: 1. I am a man created in God’s image; 2. I am the home for The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ is on the throne of my life; 3. I am on purpose (not a mistake); 4. Each day I’m on assignment for God the Father and His Kingdom work. There are more but these are a healthy start for the list.

These are all beliefs which have been huge character defects in my thinking and believing. So, last night I took a chip for living each day believing and knowing these are no longer a hope, but living truths for me. Praise God!

PS–I had a doctor’s appt. yesterday early in Boise so I missed getting this written.

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