GOD IS LOVE! What is love? What/Who is God? LOVE & GOD are ONE. I’m reading I John right now. The book of John is known to be the book which describes Jesus as Love. Well, the three small books of John also dwell much on the topic of LOVE. In my person I’ve always thought of love more as doing loving things. However, in John he tells: GOD IS LOVE. The very character of God is what Love is. Yes, God does loving things, but whatever God does is love. The discipline of God is love just as the kindness of God is love.

This really hits home for me because in man’s interpretation, if one does something which seems confrontational, it isn’t considered love. It might be delivered in love, but the receiver didn’t like it. However, if truth is behind it and it awakens one to a Godliness absent before it and God has nudged you to confront, then we wait to let God do His loving part. We are simply to do our part.

I have so much I need to learn about the balance of love as God is Love. Since God is Love, every aspect of our behaviors should demonstrate this love. In so doing, one either knows the love right off the bat, or it brings one to a better balance of thinking–eventually. This might not make any sense to you the reader, but it is big on my mind right now as I learn what being a new creation is all about. God is talking a lot in the books John wrote about His Love. I want to live this out as God’s new creation.

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