If you really want to see the ugliness of flesh, start working on your spiritual side. For months I’ve wanted to be more awake to the spiritual being God created in me. I know God is Spirit and He gives me The Holy Spirit to live within me. Being awake and fully awake to this truth is what I’ve desired. Our flesh, selfish being, is so dominant it is hard to separate this out. This book I’m reading: The Spiritual Man is like a paradox. Man is flesh while God is Spirit. Sin awoke flesh and it remains awake until death to flesh. What is being brought to the forefront of my awakening is this intense battle between flesh (will) and spirit–The being of God. Our flesh doesn’t want to be in second place to spirit so the battle is always present within. This is what I am awakening to as I consciously focus on growing my intent on being a spiritually focused person.

Being a new creation is all about living spiritually focused. I know I want this to be the driver in me. There is a song I heard Friday night on The Gaither Gospel Hour. It is sung by 7 men and is entitled, I Then Shall Live. The tune is from the old hymn, Be Still My Soul. The words are written by Gloria Gaither. My spirit cries out as I listen to it. I’d like our quartet to sing it but I think I’d just blubber through it each time. You can hear it on YouTube.

God is so, so Good. How I want to serve Him well.

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