Yesterday was a good but troubling day. Church was great as usual. I came home after first service and quickly ate. Another man from our Celebrate Recovery was coming after 2nd service to share his inventory with me. This is a tough step and I knew we’d need time and I wanted to be ready. It is always amazing to see just what God has done in a person’s life and is continuing to do. This man’s story proved this once again. He will be co-leading a new step study starting in a few weeks. He has done a couple step studies already but had not completed sharing his inventory until now. It is so good to see and know how faithful our God is.

As he was leaving my oldest grandson drove in. I’d invited him to come for supper and he came a couple hours early which was nice so we could have time to visit. He is doing well after having had knee surgery a couple weeks ago. The physical therapist says he’s healing well ahead of schedule. Even though our time was great, my spirit has been troubled since. I know this has to do with unfinished business. I’ve always been one to have things in life squared away by the time you leave a situation. However, I certainly know this can’t be the case when there are other people involved. You can only take care of your part. I realize God is teaching me to live by His Spirit within me and not my own. His Spirit is patient and kind as the fruit of the Spirit are outlined. I need to surrender my spirit and will to Him in all things.

God is always working I know. Intentionally living as a new creation for God is requiring me to identify God’s Spirit within me and my own will. Separating this out is like a whole new assignment in living. I can’t be good at something until I face it and this I’m starting to do. God is faithful and true just as His Word says. I’m very grateful for this.

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