It was odd yesterday morning as I had my devotional time. It was good but my spirit was troubled. I couldn’t connect it to anything tangible. I simply went into the day just wondering? As I left last night to go to choir I had chalked it up to just being me. Half way through choir I received two phone calls from the same person. My phone was turned off but with my hearing aids I still hear the phone ring because the aids are bluetooth and pick up the phone. After the 2nd call I stepped out to see if there were a problem. I found that it was a good thing I had. I left and went to address it. Today we are dealing with the fallout of it. I’m praying for God’s leadership in it and also praying I only step into what is mine to do as God would lead. It is so easy to overstep bounds at times like this.

I’ve been praying for a while that God would do whatever needs to be done in the case of above. I’m still doing just that and praising Him for what I do not see or know. Living as a new creation helps me to believe God is doing what He does best and I can trust that rather than fear it. How I love HIM!

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