Today I began the book of Revelation. It is an amazing book with so much depth of understanding needed, one can’t fathom all that is contained in it. Yet, I appreciate what Joyce Meyers says in the preface. “Don’t worry so much about what you don’t understand, trust God to reveal it as time unfolds. Pay attention to what you do understand and live it.”

As Revelation begins John is being informed to write letters to the 7 cities. In the letters he is to commend them for what they’ve done, but to focus on what has become shallow. At first I wasn’t sure how this applied to me but it didn’t take long for God to start connecting some dots which led to me. Way back in the first books of the Bible man was given the 10 Commandments. The first one was “to have no other gods before ‘Me’.” This morning I found God asking me what gods I still have before Him? My initial response was none and then I was nudged to look at myself. God began to clarify that man was a self-centered ego which is innate in him. It is easy for Satan to influence it as we can feel so right about satisfying our ego. For me, satisfying my ego to “do well what I do for God” is still about me if I’m doing it so I feel better rather than doing it for the sole purpose of honoring God’s nudges. When I’m nudged and I don’t want to do it, I pause, procrastinate, question God, and I don’t do it because “I” don’t feel right about it. God seemed to be saying it is time for me to surrender this god call “me”. This is when complete trust in HIM will begin. My first response when I saw this was that I have to do this frequently for my self-centeredness flares each time I think I’m at risk in completing a nudge. However, God continued to clarify that this is what serving Him is all about–continually surrendering.

Living the life of a new creation seems at first somewhat like a panacea of endless love and kindness. How quickly I forget I live in a broken world and the grip of human nature will not be broken until death and I am no exception. I so want to serve God well and learn to quickly obey Him removing me from the equation.

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