Have you ever considered how God just keeps repeating Himself until we finally “get it”? In my scripture reading this morning God changes Sarai’s name to Sarah (princess). Abram’s name is changed to Abraham (father of a multitude). God did this in spite of their previous choice to have their “promised son” born through Sarai’s maidservant–Hagar. They had to wait another 14 years for the original promise God had given them to take place, yet it did take place and that was when God changed their names. This is all found in Genesis 16-18.

In my Joyce Meyer Amplified Bible I’m reading, there are footnotes from commentaries and notes from Joyce going into greater detail regarding these events and their application for today. Israel, the promised land, wasn’t to be a tiny country as of today which I mentioned yesterday. It is the land God promised Abraham. Sarai and Abram decided to take matter in their hands and Abram gave birth to Ishmael through Hagar. These descendants are our Arab nations today surrounding Israel. I know all of this but this morning God was pointing out to me how patient He is as well as what the consequences of our choices are when we don’t wait on God.

I have always wanted to prove myself worthy to God when God has been wanting me to believe He provided my worthiness. I believe this now with all my heart. When God changed the names of of these people, He was giving them a new identity. This might sound trite, but when I was born my older siblings named me after an older cousin, Ernest Nichols, who had been killed in WWII. They liked him a lot. My folks didn’t have a name for me so I was given this name. When I was in my early elementary years, my name was changed to Earnest which means honest and sincere. I have always thought this was something to live up to even though I knew I couldn’t because of my past. However, God, making me a new creation, tells me this change was on purpose. He didn’t create me to hide something but to be honest and sincere about using my past in an honoring way as He would direct me. How much I love Him for this too.

What an amazing God we serve!

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