At Celebrate Recovery last night our testimony was given by a lady. She used a line which stood out to me above the entire rest of the story. She said, “I finally gave God my bad.” For some this could be just a play on words. However, for me, it was the bulls eye. I’ve spent my life confessing sin to God. But, what I “gave” to Him were my efforts to do good for Him. I wanted to replace all the bad in my life by hiding it from God and instead, showing Him what I could do for Him, hoping all the time, it would be good enough for Him to forgive me for the sins I would confess.

As I have come to Celebrate Recovery over the years I’ve realize the purpose of giving to God my bad–my hiding, my secrets. As long as I held onto the bad God could not replace it with His Good. As I’ve given my sin, my past to Him He has taken it and used it to His Glory. He literally takes our bad and makes it His Good.

The struggle of first telling my story was a start for giving my bad to Him. It grew into telling what my story had done to me personally–leaving me with struggles of porn and homosexual thoughts. Now today, the struggle still exists sometimes but it is no longer being housed in a body trying to hide it. It is housed in a new creation which God uses just as he used this lady’s story last night.

God is such a wonderful, patient God. I want to serve Him well as my life continues.

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