Yesterday was a day of testing for me. I started it by working in the yard, beginning to turn on the underground watering for my lawn and yard. However, one of the valves 3.5′ underground would just spin and not turn anything on. I ended up calling my brother, digging a large hole deep enough so we could get to the valve and then letting my brother do the work–it is beyond me when it comes to plumbing or mechanics. We spent a couple hours trying to find the part for it is 20 years old. It’s fixed now but Satan has a way of testing me at times like this. “How can I be a new creation and be so helpless/stupid/incapable? I awoke in the middle of the night with this sense of panic that I’m really not anything but the incapable man dad labeled so long ago.

As I took this to God this morning He simply reminded me that I am still human in flesh, but I am a new creation in spirit. I should also rejoice in things like yesterday for it gives me a chance to see how God works in my weakness. He gave me a brother who is skilled in everything I am not skilled in and together we take care of the problem. In my weakness, God demonstrates His love for me by taking care of these needs.

I know God is teaching me how to live as a new creation letting go of these old character defects. Rejoicing in weakness is exactly what Paul told us to do. He said that in his weakness God is made strong. I’ll rejoice today knowing this!

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