I don’t know if the testing is done yet with the underground sprinklers and the hole I had to dig getting it repaired. I didn’t fill the hole because my brother helping me thought I needed to wait to see if any leak is there. We don’t want a leak 4′ underground and then redig it all. Well, yesterday as I was cutting back an old flowerbed to ready it for this year, I carried a pitchfork load of the clippings to my burn pile. In so doing I was watching the pitchfork load so it didn’t drop anything on the lawn and proceeded to step right into the hole with my left leg. The hole is deeper than my leg so my right leg got somewhat twisted. I laughed when it happened thinking how stupid I was to walk my old path forgetting the hole in it! Nothing hurt so I went on with my work the rest of the afternoon. Well, this morning I do have one stiff, painful knee. Oh the lessons to learn!

This morning as I was having my devotions I found myself worrying about the “things” needing to be done and I don’t have the inspiration presently to get to them. They aren’t things with deadlines, but they do relate to the ministry work. I found myself feeling guilty putting in so much time with my yard and garden and little time with all of the other. In talking to God about it He reminded me that first and foremost I am to “be” His child and follow His lead. His Light is to be my inspiration, not my worry. I don’t need to feel guilty about doing what needs to be done in my own yard. Besides, it is a gift He gave to me and I do love this gift. So, from this insight I will “be” grateful for the time to get the yard work done instead of “being” a worrier where God’s Light isn’t presently shining.

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