Our God is an Awesome God! He truly is! As I got home from church yesterday and was going to settle into reading the newspaper, my brother called saying he thought he’d come over and finish fixing the valve and hydrant. We did just that. It was like an ox in the ditch which needed to remedied. I was very grateful and we had it done in just a short amount of time and the hole is now filled so no more “falling into the pit”.

Last night our church staff hosted a dinner for all the volunteers in our congregation. There were about 350 people in attendance. The staff had all of their family members assisting them. It was a beautiful experience to witness just how huge the amount of God’s Kingdom work He is doing and the amount of giving being done to complete it. I love how complete God is. It is so easy for me to think there are so few helping when my lens is only on what I personally do. It was beautiful to be reminded for a moment how big God’s work is. This morning as I was thanking Him for this reminder, He also reminded me that this is just a speck of His Work throughout our world. He has millions of workers in the field faithfully completing what He has given them to do. He is such a faithful God!

There is an issue I’m deeply concerned about which I don’t see changing for the good. This morning as I was journaling to God about it, He reminded me that a new creation keeps his focus on God’s Strength and what He does and not to keep my focus on man’s weakness. This is the sin of worry. I don’t want to step into that. I will stay focused on God’s Strength and trust what I do not presently see.

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