This journey of life I’m presently walking through is teaching me in remarkable ways about living as a new creation. Of late I’ve been sensing the urge to begin to journal to Jesus rather than to God the Father as I have been for almost 3 years now. However, each morning I start with Father God. In my journaling today I awakened to something I know God was wanting me to finally see. In the almost three years of journaling to God, He has taught me to experience Him as God Almighty, but also God as Dad. His intimate love, compassion, patience, and more, are all a part of His Power and Strength. Today, I saw Jesus as the Powerful Son of God He is!

My whole life I longed for intimacy with God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit. I knew they were important but somehow I just wasn’t important to them. I wanted so much to be acknowledged by them. I felt more like I was a child to be tolerated rather than anything else. In these past 3 years God has taught me so much and helped me experience just how much He loves me. Today, I see this same love from His Son, Jesus. I want Jesus to be my Model in life as well as my best Friend in life. Not because He is a nice guy, but truly because He did something for me no other could do or would do.

This morning in my devotional reading it was talking about Timothy being raised by his mom Eunice and grandmother Lois. They taught him to love God, know His Word, and to be teachable and humble of spirit. A new creation, which we are today because of Jesus Christ, knows to be humble and teachable because they recognize who their creator truly is–God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This is true for you and me! Praise God!

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