Sorry about missing yesterday. I had to be in Boise for a doctor’s appointment by 8:00 am which meant leaving the house early. Anymore, the traffic is so heavy that time of day one has to leave much earlier than before. On my return I stopped to get the last of the plants I needed to put in my deck pots which I am going to start today. All of this to say, May Day was skipped so I could buy flowers! I suppose that’s a poor excuse but a true one for me.

Since returning from Oklahoma a week and a half ago I haven’t read in my book The Spiritual Man. Last night I began to read the next chapter which is entitled: Spirit. From the moment I began to read its start I knew this chapter was going to be the start of clarity. Thus far, Watchman (author) has been prepping the reader to understand the effects of sin on God’s original creation. Satan’s deception has been profound in this area. Watchman identifies our spirit as an organ within us. It is a spiritual organ so it doesn’t have flesh as we know our others to have. I didn’t read very far because I wanted to be in my best learning mode, not my tired self which reads in the evening for simple pleasure. Watchman says the regeneration when we ask Christ into our lives–“gives man a new spirit as well as quickens his old one. ” A new spirit I will put within you”–“That which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” (Ezekiel 36:26; John 3:6) I really do want to better understand this mystery of man.

In two days I’m doing a book signing at a local shop in Nampa. This morning I was telling God I wish I’d never stepped into this. Likely no one will come or at best, one or two. I instantly heard Him say, “If one or two come, it will be because this one or two will be the ones whom I sent. They will need to read how I’ve worked in you and how I will do the same for them.” I was quickly reminded to keep this about God and not about me. God is so good at this!

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