Do you ever have the times when you have the time and want to do something but your time doesn’t fit anyone else? I seem to have this happening in several areas. I was taking this to God this morning and He told me to “be still”. I so often forget that God’s timing is everything–not my timing.

Last night at Celebrate Recovery we had a male newcomer. I’d been called by a local counselor saying he’d likely be coming. The young man had given the counselor permission to call me. This young man is a very gifted individual but struggles with tremendous timidity. I was able to conduct the 101 class with him where I learned much more. He not only wants to come each week but he is also joining the new men’s step study which meets on Sunday’s. He really wants to tackle those struggles which bind him. God is working!

Yesterday and today are yard days. I do love these moments. I’m planting everything in the garden which can’t be planted until after the last freeze. We had a couple of those days earlier in the week but it’s clear sailing from this point forward. I may be fooling myself, but I do think this is so!

Tomorrow is the book signing. Why I am so nervous about it is something I can’t put my finger on. I’m trusting this is what God is wanting. I will soon know. Until then, I’ll simply work in the garden and make my joy complete!

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