Today is book signing day. I’m glad it is finally here, but the reason I’m glad is so that it can be over. I asked God this morning why I am feeling this way? Is it just my emotions? Why did I sign up for this in the first place? I was taken back by what I heard Him say. He asked me why I was resurrecting my old past and the feelings I was literally taught from it? If I never did anything which brought “limelight” to me, I would not have the wrath of dad facing me. This book signing feels just exactly like I’m doing this–putting the limelight on me. However, God is wanting me to step out of this past’s bondage and let the limelight be on Him. He said the bondage of my past is fading so I don’t need in moments like this to let any temptation of past cause me to stop what is right. So, today I am doing just this. Let God be glorified!

Yesterday I got the entire garden planted. The pots on the front porch are not planted and the lawn is mowed. This early morning is calm and the beauty of spring is resonating all around. I love these moments.

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