Today is the birthday for my dear Aunt Billie. I wrote about her last February when Kathy and I were in California and I gave my testimony at her church where her daughter leads the recovery program. Aunt Billie has been and still is one of God’s angels here on earth. How blessed we are to have her!

Yesterday’s books signing was only as God would have it. Literally no one came for the first 1.5 hours. I spent the time talking with the store-owner partner whom I didn’t know. She turned out to be one of God’s intended reasons for being there. She was most interested in the recovery work as ones in her family could use the support. When a couple came in towards the end to get a book Kathy and I found ourselves talking with them well beyond the 2nd hour. I’d had a message sent to me via messenger asking how they could get a book also. As we were preparing to leave a niece and husband came by to get a book which was a surprise to me but nonetheless a treat. Being obedient to God always brings us back to God’s Ways. Why I question them as I do just shows my humanness. I’m sure glad it is temporary.

I keep wanting to find someone who is reading The Spiritual Man but to no avail. It seems God wants me processing this with Him and His Holy Spirit. To be awake to our spiritual self means we are also very awake to our human self. The two are very different. Our human self listens to our fleshly desires while our spirit seeks God’s Spirit. I find myself more and more awake to just how selfish I am and always have been. Yet, my awakening to the spirit within not only shows this but it also becomes much clearer the choice we have, I have. I truly want to grow in choosing God’s Holy Spirit’s lead in all of my life.

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