This journey of life is teaching me things I didn’t want to see about myself but truly needed to. The truth is that my sin is still sin just as my dad’s sins were his and my brother’s sins were his. They are not ranked by God. He sees them as our selfish choices, carnal ones. In this book I keep referencing I am being exposed to my own sin–my carnal choices. Yes, I would come to the Cross of Christ, but when I did I would bring my sin; rank ordered. I believe when I was younger I probably needed to do this so I’d keep some level of strength in order to live life. However, I’m not that abused child anymore. God has redeemed me through His Son’s work on the Cross. This morning I brought to Him myself. This time without any rank order, just me. Dad has his rightful place in my life. He is dad and yes, he abused, but he is still dad. Rich is my brother. He abused but he is still my brother Rich. I am the son of Harold and the brother of Rich. I see myself better today. I see myself as a sinner who Christ has redeemed from my own sins just as He did for Rich and Dad. This is humbling and amazing!

I cannot see Earnie the spiritual man until I’ve seen Earnie the carnal one. Now that I’m seeing him, I surrender him to Christ Jesus. I want no longer to take control of things I see as out of control. I want to be doing what Christ’s Holy Spirit leads me to do one day at a time. This is so much clearer today. To God be all Glory!

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