God takes chaos and gives it order. Yesterday I said I no longer want to try and take control of what is out of control. Boy, was that ever put to a test. I won’t go into the details of it but the test is on. This morning God indicated I need to look for His Light. Chaos has no light penetrating it. One cannot see beyond it. God’s Light only shows where God is. This I will look for throughout the day.

Tonight the group which was started last February to support those in families, or friendships with a person active in the LGBTQ, will meet for its monthly time. After the 5 weeks last winter ended, the group has maintained meeting the first Tuesday of the month. Tonight I will be attending it. I’ve wanted to be a part of it since we started last February but I was immersed in Mending the Soul which was certainly where God wanted me. I will be sharing some of my personal story relating to the topic with the group tonight. I will also be listening to them. God loves all of His children and He wants us to find His Ways as we are in relationship with all of His children. We can support and God wants us doing so as we learn what this looks like. Chaos which our society has is not of God, but God uses all things to His Honor and Glory as we turn to Him. I want to be listening for His Voice today and tonight as well as to see His Light and identify it as such.

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