The spiritual man–I ponder daily what this can truly look like. What I know more now than ever is that it always looks like a struggle. Man is a spiritual being immersed in a carnal world. The reason we are immersed in a carnal world is that we ourselves are carnal. At this point about all I can say that is good about carnality is that it is temporary. We die to it and get to live for eternity as the spiritual man God created us to be in the first place.

I wanted to read this book to help me be a better spiritual man, a better listener to God, a better man responding to God, etc. I didn’t expect to find myself seeing the carnality around me so much more clearly too. I just wanted to not enter into the flesh side of life for me. (See how carnal I still am!) However, God’s purposes I’m finding, when we do realize our carnality, is His wanting us to bring Him into the day by the very presence of His Spirit shining through us. We aren’t in charge of that. We are the carriers of His Light through our surrendered self. More than likely we won’t know how anyone is effected by our surrender, but God does and it is God who uses this to further His work with man.

Yesterday I saw God work in an enlightening way–at least for myself. The struggle I faced yesterday was given much clarity and as the day went on, I found myself finding clarity in several situations which needed it. If this would have happened not so long ago I would take this clarity and run with it today thinking I am now to do what I thought I should. However, God is teaching me that a carrier of His Light is always a carrier of HIS Light, not taking it back into my court as though that’s the right thing to do. Each day is a new day of surrender of self to The Holy Spirit Who is the God of the Universe. So here starts another day of surrender!

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