It was 12:22 am when I heard my wife telling me there was no water in the house. It took a moment for me to realize who I am, where I was and who was telling me a message I was still trying to register for meaning. When all cylinders kicked in I knew there was little I could do with my background. I got up and went out to the well. I could tell it wasn’t running so I went to the electrical panel in the garage and switched the switch marked “well” in case it wasn’t making connection. It did appear fine however. I walked back into the house to have Kathy telling me the water was now on????? This morning as I had finished my devotions and headed to refill my coffee pot I could see a watering zone in our yard running. This wouldn’t have been last night’s problem, but it was another problem I didn’t know how to fix. My plumbing brother said he’d be over today and for me to simply shut the valve off which feeds the yard sprinklers. That much I could do. It is amazing how much in life I am helpless to address on my own.

Today I’m going to a school district to give assistance with their concerns. However, I learning that God and I are the ones going. I’m completing what He wants me to do. I’m going to be listening carefully to offer only what He leads. It seems like an entirely new approach to my consulting but it is one I want to stay with from this point forward. I want God in complete control.

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