As I was rereading just now the entry from yesterday I realized something that hadn’t hit me at the time of writing. I was leaving to go work with a school district that is struggling. This work I know and can function in well. In going to it I was leaving some major issues here at home I knew nothing about fixing. However, my brother is an expert at all of this. He had given me the assurance he’d take take of them and I should go and take care of what I was doing. God has richly blessed me with “help”. I am so grateful for this and I realize He does this for each of us. There is always someone we can call who will step in and help us do what we are incapable of doing.

As I arrived to Celebrate Recovery last night and had finished the practice for worship with our little band, a gentleman was wanting to talk. We went into a private room and he told me how much he was struggling. He was depressed and could only see himself as the “loser” his wife and Satan were telling him he is. Today he is calling a christian counselor to see and Sunday he is starting the step study which is still open for men. He walked away last night with a Celebrate Recovery Bible in hand as well as book 1 of the step study. God is always waiting for us to reach the end of our rope so He can finally do what He wants to do from the start–give us the tools and the strength to become what He created us to be all along. I know this road well. I can’t lose sight of the fact that it is God in us one day at a time that keeps us on track. I am a sinner saved by Grace. Satan along with my flesh want me back. But, God promises us a Promise Land with Him and it can start here on earth if we choose His Ways. I’m staying with HIM!

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