Yesterday I received word from our senior pastor to move forward with the plan to have a guest speaker this next fall. I heard this man speak last winter and he is dynamic. He will be an excellent start for our recovery ministries as we kick them off. The odd thing to me was this morning. All of a sudden as I was journaling I became overwhelmed with the sense that, “We can’t do this!” What am I thinking? I have this happen often when I am developing a plan for future work. At that point I only see the good things which can result from it taking place. Once it becomes a reality I move into the mindset/fear that I’m incapable of this and I’d best shut the plan down now.

As I was taking all of this to God He pointed out that I am not to act on my flesh or Satan’s voice to my flesh. The message I have for myself is correct–I can’t do this. However, God’s message to me is that–He can and He will! I am to do my part while He makes all this happen. I love this assurance. God is so timely!

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