Yesterday was a beautiful day. It started with planting a flower bed for an elderly lady who loves flowers but can’t tend to them any longer. Then, I went to my granddaughter’s tennis match to watch her and her partner win which now sends them to state tournament next weekend. I came home and planted another row of corn and mowed the lawn. All of this being done in the prettiest spring day. God is so good!

Our one daughter is having some remodeling done on the house. It is requiring them to do some painting this weekend. She called last night overwrought with how much and how slow it is going. Kathy and I said we’d go there after church this morning to help. It is an odd way to spend Mother’s Day but it seems almost fun. The grandkids are helping a great deal with this project and very excited about it. Of course it is their rooms being done and seeing them jumping in to do much of this only makes helping them desirable. We did go out to dinner Friday night to celebrate Mother’s Day with our two daughters here so spending today this way doesn’t seem like a robbery.

In my scripture reading of late Moses is taking the Israelite’s to their promise land. On the way God is telling them He will destroy their enemies one at a time (slowly) so they can occupy the land and take care of it without being too overwhelmed. I read that this morning and realized that is just the way He handles all of our problems. He doesn’t destroy all of them at once. He takes care of them as I am ready to move into the new territory. In growing into a spiritual man God is growing my awareness of Him and just how he works. How amazing He is!

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