Our pastor often uses the phrase, “God didn’t write the Words of the Bible to make it thick. His intent is for us to learn to know Him fully through all that is in His Book.” As I’m reading through Exodus I found myself this morning wanting to fast track through the chapters outlining what the Israelites were to do in building the ark housing the ten commandment tablets, along with how they were to worship God, and much more. God was very precise in how this was to be done. All of it had to do with reverence to Him. This morning while starting to speed read I stopped and asked God what His Words were trying to teach me I’ve not learned before? Here is what happened–

As I began to journal I found myself questioning why God wanted to be so dogmatic about my revering Him? As I did this I had a flood of awakening starting to take place. I’ve known in my mind that God is worthy of all praise and reverence. Yet, in my deeply hidden emotions I’ve despised reverence. We are told to honor our father and mother. I learned to do this out of obligation but never with reverence (except with mom). I learned to do this too with God. Only this morning did I see how much I was emotionally treating God the way I treated dad. Also, tied to this was how I was treated when I may have done something worthy of praise as a kid growing up. Instead of being praised, I was criticized and belittled so that “I wouldn’t get the big-head”. I learned to stuff and be obedient.

Today God is showing me what a new creation in Him does with his Creator. Also, He is showing me that when I revere Him I am to do it with all my mind, soul, body and spirit. All of this can be done and it is never arrogant, never sin, never wrong. This is going to take some time to sink in fully, but I want to break a big character defect I’ve carried for a long time. I asked God to help this older man learn His Ways as I now read how to revere as God wants to be revered.

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