You know what happens when the flurry of needs stop? The adrenaline stops. You know what happens when the adrenaline stops? You feel like I do this morning! Yesterday was a good, productive one. It revealed for me some areas of need I hadn’t given any attention this year. When I talked to the administration about it, we could easily see the need to address it as we begin next school year.

Today, we head to Wallowa where Kathy will have her reunion. I’m sure she will have a much better turn out than my class did a year ago when we had our 50 year reunion. We had 3 out of 36 come. Kathy’s class was 42 so Saturday we will see how well they show up.

This morning in my bible reading I finished Leviticus. God is outlining the last of the details for the children of Israel regarding living wholly for Him. He uses a line, “in due season I will….”. In the flurry of activities as I’ve just lived through in the past few weeks I get very caught up in setting the timelines for each activity–particularly if I’m going to be involved in it. I don’t like procrastination and I sure don’t like “laziness”. Well, this morning as I read God’s Word I was checked about “my timelines”. God works in His due season. Joyce Meyer even writes in a subscript that she often wonders why God doesn’t do this and that as she can see it? However, when we step back and look at the work and at God we see the readiness factor God is always working to achieve. God sees the whole picture and He also sees the readiness for each one involved. The activity is easily completed once everyone involved is bought in. This is what God does. This was a good lesson for me today!

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