As I began my devotions this morning I started Numbers. It certainly does start with a lot of numbers as God is directing Moses and Aaron about setting up the tribes of Israel according to their camp around the Tent of Meeting after taking a census of each tribe. I finished reading the first few chapters and then turned to my journal. It was there I felt God’s Spirit needing to give me some direction. It turned out the direction wasn’t just for today, it was for the rest of my life.

As I started to journal I was outlining for God the things I felt I needed His Light in order to handle them. This isn’t an uncommon thing for me. However, what was uncommon this morning was the direction I received, not about my requests, but about my approach with God. It was very clear to me that I was no longer to approach God asking for His Light. His direction was for me to stay in His Light. I’ve been journaling of late and concentrating of late on staying close to God throughout the day. I realize that when I don’t stay close to Him I lose the sensitivity of His Spirit’s leading. It is so natural for me to want to “take charge” that I do this. I was wanting God to shed His Light on how to “take charge”. Well, He is wanting me to realize I am never to take charge, He already is in charge and He wants me responding to Him rather than Him responding to me. If I will stay in His Light during the day I will know as He nudges what I am to do and in so doing I will have the Light I so desire.

God’s ways are amazing and His direction to us is always amazing. What I am hearing from God is that He wants me to stop asking for insights into my behaviors for things in my day. Instead, stay close to God and ask for His Strength and Guidance to be what comes from me so it is always about Him and not looking like it is about me. I think this must be another step in learning to live as a new creation.

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