Today is the last day of school for the district I’ve spent the year with. Yesterday I was with them all day. The superintendent had planned a lunch for all the students who had shown growth in the state testing to reach proficiency or above. He then had root beer floats for all the students who had simply shown growth in their learning. It was quite the celebration and I was able to help serve the kids. One kid asked me, “What do you think of all our learning growth, Mr. State?” I suppose someone told him I was there all year from the State Dept of Ed. He was a proud kid and I told him I was proud of them too. It was a nice celebration.

Today I go to our church to solidify the start of our recovery ministry start up in the Fall. I’m meeting with a couple of our pastors to get this done. It seems the message of late for me is to be a messenger and a listener. I am not to respond until I’ve carried the message, listened and then asked for The Holy Spirit’s confirmation.

I read in Numbers earlier a quote my Grandma Wretling use to use all the time with us grandkids. It was, “be sure your sins will find you out.” I thought that was her line but there it was, a line Moses was telling the children of Israel. It’s found in Numbers 32:23b. At first I thought it was cute to see this but God wanted me to know the message is His to all of us. He reminded me that my lessons of late to be a messenger of Him is not to then control. That is His role. My action is a sin when I take this upon myself. To trust and obey is my rightful role. I’ve always said I want to be a good student my entire life. This is a big lesson this student is learning.

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