I’m always amazed at God’s Work. Yesterday as I got to our church for the meeting with the two pastors for our Restorative Ministry classes, I had a call. It was our Ministry Leader for Celebrate Recovery. He said last night’s lesson was GRACE. He asked me to show him grace and teach it. He was on the Oregon coast, the gal who was to teach it was sick and would I do it? I of course said yes. In preparing to teach it and then in doing it last night I was struck once again with God’s never-ending connections. I had written at the top of the lesson (I don’t even know when I’d done this) “God, do you realize what I’ve done?” His response, “Do you realize what I have done?” What God has done is given us GRACE through His Son Jesus Christ dying on the cross of Calvary allowing our sins to be buried once and for all–He was the final sacrifice.

The lesson goes on to tell how we give grace when we make amends to someone we have hurt or to give forgiveness to someone who has hurt us. A huge awakening for me yesterday was how much more I now understand Grace, forgiveness and amends since I’ve finished the class on abuse: Mending the Soul. The things I’d thought were just to be left alone as human mysteries were brought into focus so I had to deal with them. The big one was dealing with the absence of mom during the years of abuse. When I say absence I mean the absence of her “help” by simply checking in with me to see if I were ok. I was always left to deal with the sexual abuse or the physical/emotional abuse as my problem. All of this is now settled and buried at the foot of the Cross thanks to Christ Jesus’ work there. GRACE is received and so appreciated! I didn’t truly understand until last night’s lesson just how much God has still been doing in my life until I prepared and taught that lesson.

How much I love and appreciate our God!

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