I am not sure who dominated in getting me up this morning–God or Kathy. Both were speaking to me–God in my head, Kathy talking in her sleep. Kathy was louder so I got up so I could hear the other voice!

As summer is little by little approaching, I am finding myself not yet having the freedom of time I usually have. Today is no exception. Our quartet is practicing, I need to get to my one daughter’s home to help, my own garden is screaming at me and tonight we are going out with a couple from Celebrate Recovery. All of this should be in the arena of “fun”. The overriding item is the work with our Recovery Ministry work. (The name of it is being changed to Restoration Ministry so I need to quit using recovery ministry as its name). I’m having a keynote speaker coming in September for a weekend where he will do workshops on Saturday and speak to the congregation on Sunday am. All is set in the way of dates, etc. However, the forms I need to complete will not go through legibly. They are sent in one format which I can retrieve but when I complete them my computer is converting them somehow to another format which is gibberish to the other end. I’ve attempted this twice and the lady at the other end keeps emailing saying I need to try again. These things drive me nuts and I can’t do anything about it until Tuesday as I’m working Monday. So I write this and realize I’m losing a day to torment because I don’t let it go. So, now realizing it, I’m letting it go until Tuesday and I’ll get it worked out then!

It’s always a good thing to awaken to the details of life that Satan is trying to disrupt. I’ve just had that happen in this writing. So instead of giving in to Satan I’ll give Glory to God for great things He has done and is still doing!

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