Have I ever mentioned in my posts how amazing God is? Well let me tell you another one. I had written yesterday regarding the forms I could not seem to get submitted correctly and how God had wanted me to “let it go until Tuesday” for then I’d have time to figure out what is wrong. Well, as only God would do, I finished the blog and opened my emails. Here the secretary had resubmitted the forms to me only minutes before in a different format which I was able to complete in about 30 minutes before I headed out to all the activities lined up for the day. They are done! I don’t know if this secretary always works on Saturdays, but yesterday she was there. Because they are 2 hours ahead of here she had already been working on this as I stressed with God. I just find this remarkable! The rest of the day was no different either. I got the gardening done I didn’t think would have time to do and I even got my haircut which needed it badly!

Today we are singing a song in two concerts our quartet is doing in the afternoon and evening. The song is “I’ll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus”. It was given to me by my prayer warrior to have our quartet learn and sing. Today she is coming as we do it. Yesterday as we practiced I could hardly sing it seeing her in my mind sitting out in the audience. The song emphasizes just how many false gods we have before us and how futile each of them turn out to be. Of late God has been helping me see how many I’ve had all my life and now He is ready to have me submit them to Him so He can be the One and only True God. There and only there can I find the peace, grace, mercy which God promises us not once in a while, but for each and every day if we keep His Son Jesus on the throne of our lives and His Holy Spirit as the one Voice we listen and respond to. What a gracious God we have!

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