Little by little the weight of several details are being whittled away. The year with the school district is coming to an end. I can even see the end of the work I have to do. This feels good, especially since they have done well this year. The other district I spend time in didn’t turn out so well. Tomorrow I meet with the superintendent so we can face some giants and create a plan to address them. Once again I will need to remember my role as a helper and not a controller.

Today, on the other hand, I am picking up two of my grandkids who are coming to earn money for summer camp. They will hang out with me and I have a full list of things we are going to get done. Most of it will not be too strenuous, but it will just be fun to have them with me. Kathy and I will help support their camp whether the help comes or not, but their mom insists they earn their keep and I do want to support that philosophy!

It is sad that we don’t learn very well from the lessons of someone else. We quite often have to have our own lesson in order to learn the consequences of life. I wish that weren’t true. However, all through the Bible I continue to read about God’s directions and man’s disobedience and choices to stray from these directions. God doesn’t choose to control us and I must remember He never asked me to control anyone either. I can’t stand in the way of consequences. If I do, I only am delaying the lesson to be learned which then God uses to focus someone back to Him.

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