Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day with two lively grandkids in order to get a list of chores done which will take commitment and focus? Well, yesterday it happened and we were all done by mid-afternoon. Not, only was the work done, but we had a great time while doing it. I love how God orchestrates detail. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get several things on yesterday’s list done. The work of present and the ministry work of present wasn’t allowing the time I wanted for them to get done. But, in one day with their help–I’m caught up!

Last night we had the monthly meeting with the support group for family/friends with LGBTQ members. We had an assignment to do ahead of the session which everyone had done. However, as we got started I was asked for an update about our speaker in fall. After letting everyone know we are set with dates and workshops we never got to the assignment. The conversation lit upon needs brought into the room and the next thing we knew the 1.5 hr session was done. We all walked away lighter than when we entered.

Today I go to a district where the situation is sticky. Relationships are fine, but the work being done isn’t seemingly profiting students and their learning. So, we are going to take a focused look at this issue and see just why there isn’t any profit coming from the past year and actually, 2 years. I know God will lead and I’m a little curious to see how all of this will come together. I place my trust in Him!

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