The gentleman I mentioned a couple posts ago who will come this fall as we kick off the new year for our restorative ministries and Celebrate Recovery, has written a book: Holy Sexuality and the Gospel. His name is Christopher Yuan. In it he reminds the reader that none of us are called to be sexual whether heterosexual or homosexual, we are instead called to be Holy. Those of us who have dealt with sexual sin are constantly tormented by Satan about our sexuality and its desires. However, God is reminding us He never created us to be haunted by sexuality. He wants us to focus on holiness which is what He DID create us so long ago to be.

A couple months ago I took a day one chip at Celebrate Recovery as I was ready to start living as a new creation. For my entire life I’ve lived to not be like dad or my brother never thinking I could ever measure up to live as a new creation. I had too much sin within me. God is changing all of that. I now believe I am a new creation just as Christ gave me the gift when I asked Him into my heart so many years ago. Tonight I will be taking a 60 day chip for living as a new creation. What I’ve realized is that living as a new creation doesn’t remove a sin nature we all have. It is the belief that even though we do have it, it is not who we are. We are a child of the King–a new creation because of the King–Christ Jesus. It has taken a lifetime to get to this place. I still have my moments where Satan wants me back in disbelief but glory be to God, I’m not living there anymore.

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