For a long time God has been wanting me to realize I am a new creation. What I have not been able to grasp until this spring is the reality that being a new creation is a Gift. There is absolutely nothing one does to earn it. It is given to us when we ask Christ Jesus into our hearts. Even though I’d done this part almost 58 years ago I just haven’t ever been able to see myself as a new creation. I’ve had all these distorted views of me which Celebrate Recovery calls character defects. I know I still have character defects, but those which kept me in bondage about my belief of who I am to God are gone. The class Mending the Soul which we finished the end of March helped me finally find the last roots of bondage from these defects.

Last night in taking a 60 day chip for living as a new creation, I told the group that this sounds vague–living as a new creation. However, it is crystal clear to me the difference between living as one or living in the bondage of the old self. I am so grateful for God’s faithfulness to me and to mankind all over the world. His promises are true. I truly want to continue on the path of helping others find what they don’t yet believe. God is the only One True God. I want to be a warrior for Him carrying this message to the lost and confused.

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