Today is swimming pool readiness day. I’m on my way in a few minutes to get my 15 year old grandson so he and I can get it cleaned and ready for summer’s use. If it weren’t for grandkids, this thing would be long gone! However, each day when they are in it kicking, screaming, laughing, and more, I’m glad we still have it. Besides, it brings them together too which is also an added blessing. More than anything, today allows my grandson and I to have a day for just us to be together.

Teen years are truly the ones of discovery. I appreciate the chance to just be present and let our relationship allow conversations to take place that wouldn’t otherwise. I always pray for God’s Spirit to lead the day. In fact, when I was journaling earlier and thanking God for this chance, He reminded me to stay in the day. I have such a constant habit of moving to the things of tomorrow while I’m in any day. However, God reminded me that today is important and I need to stay in this one enjoying and taking advantage of each minute we have together. As I reflect on my own teen years and where I was at the age of “almost 16” I cringe. Yes, I recall the abuse, but mostly I recall the lies I believed about myself without anyone to talk these through. During these years we develop beliefs which can be solid truth or solid lies. I want God to use my past as a tool in His Hands for times like this. One doesn’t need to believe the lies of Satan as I did for so long.

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