The pool is clean and being filled. The weather is to warm into the high 80’s and low 90’s by the end of next week which will allow the water temp to climb. My younger two grandsons were out yesterday and were actually eager to help get the pool ready. Hayden and I had talked of taking the time we had to take the pool down so we’d never have to ready it again. However, the enthusiasm of the younger ones quickly destroyed our thinking!

This morning I finished Deuteronomy. Moses gave his last instructions to the Israelites which God had given to him. God then took him away to the mountain top where He showed Moses all the land which He’d prepared for possession by the people. He’d given insight to Moses about the future and how Israel needed to keep God in first place not replacing Him with the gods of the land they were to conquer. We all know what eventually happens however.

As I began to journal I was reflecting on the freedom God was about to give all the people of Israel. When I had written my book, the last part was “Finding Freedom”. In writing it God had begun to help me see what living without the bondage of my past was like. In the 3 years since finishing it I’ve also found a good deal more of this awakening. However, this morning I was realizing that my definition of freedom had all to do with living without the bondage of the past just as Israel wanted to live without the bondage of Egypt’s enslavement. God was helping me see that recognizing the absence of bondage is only the start of freedom. Freedom is far more than “absence of”. It is much more about “the presence of”.

Today is the first day of living in the presence of the King for me. I want to change my thinking so I live today in the presence of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit within me as well as around me. Even though this has been true, I’ve not given credible attention to all that this means about Freedom. I want to stay in this state of mind as I move forward today.

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