Yesterday I wrote about finding the difference between living in the “absence of” bondage verses “living in” the presence of freedom. As I finished my devotions and bible reading I started my journaling by going back to yesterday’s writing. I knew that what I’d written yesterday had a profound meaning I would lose quickly if I didn’t reinforce the message for several days. There are so many parallels about living today which directly connect to the biblical days we read. I know this is why God wants us to store His Word in our hearts. These lessons are critical. Take, for example, the Israelites left Egypt and the slavery they’d lived in for 400 years. Even though they were free from the slavery, and had the chance to move into the Promised Land only months later, fear kept them circling in the desert for 40 years until that generation of “fear responders” were dead.

I have lived in that desert of fear most of my adult years. God is wanting to move me into my years of freedom–not just having the absence of bondage and the reality of my past, but He wants me to know what living in the freedom of trust and belief are. Today, this morning I could begin to sense this, see this. I don’t fear this new reality like I use to. I remember telling God years ago that I’d follow Him but I wasn’t sure I could trust Him. This happened after I’d lived through my divorce. At that point in time the abuse of my childhood was an unknown secret to everyone except God and me and now I was divorced too. I WAS A LOSER. In all of these years since, God has been most patient replacing my fear with absolute TRUST and to replace Loser with Believer. With this more grounded, God is taking me into what living in freedom is all about. Now I step into these days with anticipation rather than fear.

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