The absence of bondage/the presence of freedom. This morning in my Bible reading Joshua met a warrior in the field as they were approaching Jericho. He could instantly tell this person was a warrior from his garb and weapon which he carried. Joshua asked him if he were for or against the Israelites? The response was amazing: “No (neither), but as Prince of the Lord’s host have I now come.” He goes on to have Joshua to remove his shoes for where he was standing was holy. This is found in Joshua 5:13-15.

This morning I was reflecting on yesterday. God opened a couple doors for our Restoration Ministries which gives us more freedom. In each occasion I just thanked Him right then and there in my heart. All I did was show up for He had already prepared the ones involved. This morning as I’ve been having my devotions I was once again reflecting on the differences of the starting phrase for this entry. Living in the Presence of Freedom without the weight of the past’s bondage is astounding. In this presence is the Prince who doesn’t join your team, He simply lets you know He is not for any man’s team–He is the Prince of the Lord’s host. You (I), We are being asked to lay down all our man made messages, weapons, thinking and begin to understand once and for all–The Prince of the Lord’s host is present and He will take care of the battle. God wants us doing His Kingdom Work letting His Prince fight the battle.

Today I felt as though I was invited to join a Spiritual Team I finally recognize. God seemed to say that He wants me along with all of His men working for the same cause: “Bringing His Son Jesus to those lost. The battles in so doing this are His to fight and His Prince will lead this. The bondage I use to carry is now a memory I can now use to show the lost this Light of Christ Jesus which will enlighten the path to great FREEDOM. How grateful I am to be part of God’s Team.

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