I awoke about 2:55 am having had the most troubling dream. In it I was part of a stage production in which I had a supporting role which put me on stage most of the production. It was a musical because most of my part was singing. It was opening night and I couldn’t get to the theater. I had finally made it but I couldn’t find the right entrance door and each time I attempted one it wasn’t it. I finally awoke in this dilemma.

As I began my Bible reading I happened to be reading about Gideon in the book of Judges. He was a timid man. God had to use many different means to convince him that God was truly God and He could accomplish what He wanted done through him–a timid man. Gideon just needed to trust more than he feared and then obey more than he feared. As the story plays out, Gideon uses 300 men who didn’t even have a sword in hand, but a trumpet and a jug. God did the rest. Gideon trusted and obeyed and God fought the fight.

Today my mind is filled with confusion regarding steps I’m to take. I’m meeting in a little over an hour with a school district that hasn’t done well for quite a number of years. It seems God is telling me to trust and obey. Trust more than I fear and obey over my fears. I am going to go and we will see just how God uses the time to complete the plan He is already working on. I will do whatever part He gives me to do. Right now, I’ll be still and know He is God.

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