It is often true that what God does is far different than what we would do if left to our own devices. I suppose that is why God tells us to trust Him. If He were to give us His plan ahead of time we would want to twist it our way rather than following through completely with His own. This was the case yesterday morning. The meeting with the district superintendent and principal went extremely well. I’ve known the superintendent for a number of years. Her husband is having some severe health problems which require frequent doctor visits and therapy visits all which pull her away from the district. After the meeting I asked if they had someone to assist with transportation and would that be of help to them? She said it likely would be in the near future. She needs to hear what the doctors say, but the therapy appointments just require time. I offered to assist if they would like. Last night I received a text from her. It had nothing to do with our earlier meeting, but it was all about caring. I recalled God reminding me yesterday morning to listen and respond to His leading. I was concerned about a meeting while He was also concerned about a need.

There is so much to learn from this Father of ours. Being a good learner takes frequent reminders for me to not try and take charge, but to listen and do what God shows needs to be done. Tonight I’m meeting with a young man who is wanting help with a past addiction problem. I want to be God’s helper in this. Trust and Obey, these are two principles for which I need constant reminders in order to be a good and faithful son.

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