Today is my birthday! It is the last year of the 6th decade and then in a year I start the seventh decade. We had a nice time with all of the kids and grandkids yesterday. In spite of so many ups and downs in life, it is fun to take a day and hear the grandkids voices having so much fun together!

As I started my devotional this morning, the title was: “Be Still”. Hundreds of times I’ve had God tell me this as I daily journal. On my birthday I needed to hear it again. This time it has a couple more words added. Now it is Be Still and Believe. In the early morning hours when life is just awakening it is easy for me to believe and be still. I’m needing to better learn to practice this at the end of the day when my body and mind are tired. It is then that the trials I know about and some of which are my own can give me that overwhelming sense God doesn’t care.

I love the fact that God is Eternal and has never changed. This is truly an anchor for continued living. As I read through the trials of David in the ending of I Samuel–Saul and his sons have just been killed and David has just heard the news–I realize, this God who gave David vision, focus and confidence is mine too. I don’t care what time of day it is, God is the same. I’m the one tired, God is the same! As my years keep increasing, this is a wonderful promise knowing my Anchor Holds!

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