I am not much of a gift person, but I do love humor and surprises. For my birthday I got lots of humorous cards from a number of family and friends. I even got a couple thoughtful ones! Kathy fixed a lovely meal last night and our oldest grandson came for it too. Following dinner I had a quartet practice. We are singing for a 4th of July event Thursday and last night was our last practice for it. I had told them I’d bring the treats since it was my birthday. As I arrived and walked into the house I was greeted with a sign on the door and some unexpected friends who were singing Happy Birthday. That was sweet. One friend had purposely made a batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies–my favorite! I had made a blackberry/raspberry cobbler from the fresh ones I’d picked yesterday so we had a party to start the practice. So, I got humor and surprise!

At 3:00ish am I awoke. I knew I wouldn’t go back to sleep as I was wide awake. There were a couple of people on my mind for which I’m deeply troubled. I began to sort through the issues and prayed for them. It wasn’t until about an hour later that I was reminded to praise God for what He was going to do because of these problems. I then began to thank God for taking these folks and using any and all of their circumstances for His Glory and their finding a much closer relationship with Him due to them. I then awoke a couple hours later feeling much more refreshed.

Somehow God is teaching me the critical side of spiritual living. I can get so locked into the ills of humanness, I wonder where God is in it? It is times like last night I’m reminded by Him that He sent Jesus to give us liberty over our humanness. Jesus paid this price once and for all. Satan wants to keep us locked in it so we cannot sense and know The Holy Spirit’s voice within us which Christ Jesus gave us as His Gift from God. This Gift–The Holy Spirit is what I know God is wanting me to better understand and BELIEVE. He works in my praise because it is when I begin to Praise Him that I release the issues gripping me so He can now grip them and bring about the miracles of His Love and Grace.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost but now am found, was blind but NOW I see!

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