Yesterday was such a nice day in many regards. I went to town to get some errands done and wanted to catch a senior discount at a store which has a greenhouse. I could use my discount on plants I wanted to add to a couple flower beds. I got what a wanted, went to the check out to find the discount wasn’t 10% as I’d thought, it was 50%. Talk about making this gardener happy! I saved so much that I went to another greenhouse place and found their plants were 50% off also. I smiled the rest of the day!

I & II Samuel tell all about King Saul and then King David. The books go deeply into the lives of each one and how they responded to God and how God responded to them. As I was reading and then journaling afterwards, I was wrapping my mind around the truth of God being the same God for me today He was for those two 2-3 thousand years ago. Of course my mind immediately went into the truth that God is also the same God for each of the Bible characters. Yet, God is the same God for me, for you, for each of us. This is something I’ve always known. Today however, I am nudged to begin believing it.

As I asked God what He wanted me to believe for today, His response was different. He told me to remove my human boundaries from “believe” and “know” and learn His spiritual boundaries. When I know something I acknowledge that I do know it and I do somewhat the same with believing something–I acknowledge it and then go into my day’s activities. Spiritual knowledge and spiritual belief are eternal–never changing. God said they are part of His Substance. They are anchors to know and believe never budge in any human circumstance. This solid truth is what I put my trust into. I want my walk and talk to be evident of my growing belief system.

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