Happy Freedom Day! Wwe love today and the freedom our country has because of the hard fought battles giving us the freedom our founding fathers wanted America to know and live. What is happening to our own nation is the connection of our initial freedom to living out God’s Word. Our nation is one under God. We are losing this critical connection of our earthly freedom as a nation from God’s freedom when we follow and live as His Word guides us. I pray we awaken to this reality soon.

Today, more than anything, I praise God for His growing freedom within me. As I was reading in II Samuel 12:14 this morning, it says in part, “…because by this deed you have given occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme….” This message was delivered to David by Nathan the prophet after his sin with Bathsheba and then having her husband killed. As I was reading through the chapter and read this verse, I was nudged to reread and reflect. In so doing God was showing me the impact of sinfulness today and I’m talking about willful sinfulness by Christians. When anyone of us choose to sin it gives the enemies occasion to blaspheme the Lord. He came to save us. I can just see the evil spirits taunting Christ saying, “Look at him, a lot of good your death on the cross did for him!” I truly want my life to portray the genuineness of Christ’s Work on the Cross throughout the day, every day.

Today as we celebrate our nation’s freedom, lets include our spiritual freedom with it and live fully for Christ Jesus for someday today’s celebration will be minuscule compared to the one when Christ’s return.

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