I know there was no post yesterday. It is not that it wasn’t typed, it just didn’t publish. Why, I don’t know? Throughout the Old Testament God shows Himself in so many ways. On the other hand, man defines God in so many limited ways. This morning in I Kings Israel is going to war with Syria’s king and army. King Ben-hadad, the Syrian king had already lost the first battle with his men saying the Israelite’s god was one of the hills. This time they will fight on the plains because he wasn’t a god there. Well, they lost again.

All of this makes me realize how often we today limit God with our own definition of what He is able to do. Mostly I limit God because I don’t include Him in the details. I remember to include Him when the problems arise which are bigger than I can quickly resolve. This morning God has been revealing that even though man’s mind cannot grasp the enormity of Him, it doesn’t mean my trust and faith have to be as small as my mind’s limits are. I can trust God to be as Big as He Is and let things go which I shouldn’t be doing. Instead, I should let The God of the Universe take care of them.

As I began to journal I was writing out the things I thought I needed to do conflicting with some others. I quickly realized the conflict was my own control being in place rather than asking God to be in control and then I do what He leads me to do. All of a sudden I was limiting God with my own selfishness rather than waiting to see how He would glorify Himself by me simply stepping back and letting Him be in control and I being His servant. At this point I don’t know how this will all work out but I do know I won’t be taking the lead in deciding. I’m going to let the God of the Universe be in charge of the details and I’ll do what He leads.

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